Warren Grapes Foundation – Description


The objective of the Warren Grapes Agricultural Education Fund is to promote agricultural and silvicultural education and learning among the English-speaking farm and rural community of Quebec through the provision of bursaries.

The Fund was created in September 1998 in honour of the late Warren Grapes who served many years as QFA president and was an inspiration to all.


The Fund provides bursaries to support individuals pursuing secondary and post-secondary studies in recognized agriculture or silviculture programs. The bursaries are a direct grant of monies to recipients to cover any and all reasonable costs related to the pursuit of their studies.


Eligible individuals are:

  • permanent residents of Quebec enrolled in agriculture or silviculture programs at the college or university level, or
  • residents of other Canadian provinces or territories who are enrolled in agriculture or silviculture programs at Quebec colleges or universities.

Applicants are screened for eligibility and chosen by the Board of Trustees of the Fund. (Trustees take into consideration recommendations and/or references that accompany applications). Preference is given to individuals who have not previously been awarded bursaries by the Fund, but nothing precludes previous recipients from applying.


Selection criteria include any of the following: exceptional achievement, talent, and/or exceptional need.


Within six months of having received bursaries, recipients are requested to communicate with the Fund’s trustees on how the awarded monies have assisted them in their education and chosen field of studies.


All applications must be submitted electronically to qfa@upa.qc.ca in English. The deadline date for this year is Friday, October 14.

For more information, please contact:
(450) 679-0540 extension 8536, or by e-mail: qfa@upa.qc.ca


Please consider making a donation to the Fund. All contributions are income tax deductible and official receipts are issued.