4 November 2015

November 26, 2015 – Precision Agriculture in Practice – how you can make use of it too!

The second event in the QFA’s “Farm Food Forums” for this season focuses on “precision agriculture”. With precision agriculture, growers are able to take large fields and manage them as though they are a group of small fields. This reduces the misapplication of products and increases crop and farm efficiency. It’s a new method of crop production that helps farmers and soils to work better, not harder.

Our key speaker will be Viacheslav Adamchuck of Macdonald Campus. Since he began his research in the mid 90s, Dr. Adamchuk developed and evaluated a fleet of on-the-go soil sensor prototypes capable of mapping physical and chemical soil attributes while moving across an agricultural field.

This is a videoconference being broadcast to Community Learning Centres in Shawville, Low, Richmond, Bury, Magog, Lachute and Ormstown!

On Thursday, November 26! Starting at 7:30 p.m. and ending at 10:00 p.m.

To reserve, please call the CLC nearest to you. Admission is free.

Via videoconference in communities across the province:

Shawville Community Learning Centre Tel: 819-647-6060 ext.1400 or christy.schwartz@learnquebec.ca

Lachute           Laurentian Regional High School Tel: 450-562-8571 Ext. 8449

LowSt. Mike’s High School Tel: 819-442-3584 or lvisentin@wqsb.qc.ca

Ormstown Chateauguay Valley High  Tel: 4502885180 or kwilson@nfsb.qc.ca

Magog Princess Elizabeth School Tel: 819-843-4847 or mlandenofp@etsb.qc.ca

Richmond Richmond Regional School Tel: 819-826-3702 or jims@etsb.qc.ca

Bury Eaton Valley Community Learning Centre Tel: 819-872-3771 or fessendenk@etsb.qc.ca