20 October 2015

“I don’t know where to begin” Farm transfer and succession planning event!

On Thursday, October 29, at 7:30 p.m., the QFA hosts an exciting event: “‘I don’t know where to begin’: Farm transfer and succession planning”!

Learn the ins and outs of passing your farm business on to the next generation, with advice on family dynamics, tax issues, and accounting.

This is our first event of the QFA’s Farm Food Forum series for 2015/2016!

The Farm Food Forums host a live event in one location in the province, which is then broadcast via videoconferencing technology to other “Community Learning Centres”–schools and community centres equipped with microphones and telescreens–so all participants can SEE and HEAR one another simultaneously.

Joining us on October 29 will be Martine Deschamps of Syneraction Management, who holds a certification of farm transfer issued by the Universities of Iowa and Wisconsin, along with Mario Dumas, a farm tax specialist with 25 years expertise in intergenerational farm transfers, farm taxation and accounting.

This event will connect communities in Shawville, Low, Ormstown, Magog, Richmond and Bury. Unfortunately, the teleconference will not be broadcast to Lachute, as the high school where the videoconference was to be transmitted is on strike.

Via videoconference in communities across the province:

Shawville Community Learning Centre Tel: 819-647-6060 ext.1400 or christy.schwartz@learnquebec.ca
Low St. Mike’s High School Tel: 819-442-3584 or lvisentin@wqsb.qc.ca
Ormstown Chateauguay Valley High  Tel: 4502885180 or kwilson@nfsb.qc.ca
Magog Princess Elizabeth School Tel: 819-843-4847 or mlandenofp@etsb.qc.ca
Richmond Richmond Regional School Tel: 819-826-3702 or jims@etsb.qc.ca
Bury Eaton Valley Community Learning Centre Tel: 819-872-3771 or fessendenk@etsb.qc.ca