Farm Safety

QFA plays an active role in farm safety by keeping farm families and rural residents aware of potential risks. By distributing important safety information to farmers, our goal is to prevent accidents and to educate farmers and their families about how they can improve on-farm safety.

Creating your own farm safety plan is a strong step to reducing the risk of accidents, injury and fatalities happening on your farm. QFA has created a handy leaflet to increase your awareness of farm safety. Access the leaflet here: Get with the plan

Do you know that for every working day lost due to light injury or accident – things like muscle or back strin, cuts or bruising – the farm business stands to lose $700. For a hospitalization, the cost is $10,000, for a permanent disability it costs $143,000 and for death – $250,000. Get with the plan and contact to book an appointment with a farm safety planning advisor.

As a farm worker you are entitled to certain rights if you are injured while at work. To learn more about these rights and how to prevent accidents from happening, view this handy, easy to understand pamphlet here:

The following documents include  important safety information and tips on how to organize your farm workshop :

For more information, please visit the CSST website.

Many accidents happen as a result of unsafe implement hitching practices. The QFA has worked hard with other organizations to create a guide to help you prevent accidents from happening when hitching implements to tractors and other vehicles.

View the new Safe Implement Hitching Guide that the QFA was instrumental in creating here.

The Quebec Farmers’ Association works closely with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) on a number of different projects. To access the CASA website click here.