Advocate – Description

The most inexpensive way to reach Quebec’s rich ag community

 It’s not an exaggeration to say that each issue of the Quebec Farmers’ Advocate is read cover-to-cover by nearly every English-speaking farmer in the province.

 The Advocate has a captive audience. As the only English-language farm publication in Quebec, the paper’s 2,000 monthly readers rely on the Advocate for vital information about their industry.

 The Advocate is a natural ambassador for any Western Canadian, European or American company looking to crack the Quebec market—our publication is the most inexpensive way to reach the province’s rich ag community and has a strong pedigree of having been in circultation since 1978.

 No translation is needed to place your ad, and new customers won’t face any language issues—our sales staff is fluently bilingual.

 The Advocate recently swept the competition at the 2012 Quebec Community Newspaper Awards, winning first, second and third-place in the Best Agricultural Story category.

 With a readership ranging from agricultural students to practicing farmers to retired rural residents, the Quebec Farmers’ Advocate is the only publication reaching all demographics of Quebec’s Anglophone rural communities.