QFA Action Plan

A strategic framework to serve the English-speaking agricultural community of rural Quebec. The QFA conducted an extensive survey with members and stakeholders in 2011 to orient the organization until 2016. You can read this plan by clicking here.


To defend the rights, provide information and advocate for the English-Speaking agricultural community in Quebec.

The Quebec Farmers’ Association (QFA) represents and promotes the interests of the English-speaking agricultural community through assuring the provision of information, programs, and services. In doing so, the QFA provides a forum to develop a sense of belonging, confidence, and pride among its constituency.

Specific objectives in support of this mission include:

  • Creating a supportive environment for agricultural and rural development
  • Seeking respect and recognition for the English-speaking agricultural community’s contribution to rural development
  • Facilitating communication between the QFA’s constituency and the full range of stakeholders from suppliers and government through to the consumer.

Priority Area: Governance and Administration

Goal: Adopt an effective organizational structure

Objectives :

  • Up-date constitution and by-laws
  • Active and involved volunteers
  • Formalized policy formulation process and representation
  • Expanded membership
  • Professional staff

Goal: Build a solid financial base

Objectives :

  • Expand fee-for-service contracts
  • Income from publications and translation services
  • Increase net revenue from memberships
  • I ncrease grants and contributions
  • Revise and up-date Warren Grapes Fund
  • Increase unrestricted income received each year

Priority Area: Re-orient Program and Activities

Goal: Expand links with agricultural and rural community


  • Represent English-speaking agricultural producers to provincial departments
  • Regular communications with members and key stakeholder groups
  • Represent Quebec agricultural community outside province
  • English-speaking media to consult QFA for views of Quebec agricultural producers
  • Represent the agricultural and rural perspective within the QCGN and the QCNA
  • Establish partnerships with other stakeholders to offer new educational programs